The intersection of line and texture. Linocut is as graphic as it is abstract. Linear patterning is layered to create depth and dimension. Inspired by artful experiments with block printing, the raw markings form a distinctive geometric aesthetic of textural linework.

Linocut was designed with the intention to mimic block printing. When creating Linocut, our design team considered the impact of color, shape and form and how those features can transform design within the built environment. The design process began with a series of handmade prints created using carved block stamps. Different patterning was created by stacking and layering the line markings to create a series of prints that were layered on top of each other to achieve a textural quality akin to soft surface, but in a hard surface platform.
Linocut Inspiration image
Linocut overhead installation pattern
Linocut in Relief, Mirror, Brayer, Block
“We were drawn to the beauty of the raw, linear markings created by the Linocut printmaking technique. There is an understated beauty in the prints we explored where the paint didn't fully adhere to the stamps. These imperfections created a distressed visual that added proportion and a texture to the graphic quality of the design,” says Kelly Williams, Senior Resilient Designer.

Geometric shapes in form can convey meaning and signals- transforming how we experience a space. Shapes, symmetry and color have emotive effects and can be used as intentional signals within a space. Using intersecting lines and shapes in design suggest transition, balance, unity and hope.

Knowing that color is emotive to interior spaces, Linocut incorporates both neutral and bright hues across 13 colorways. Color can influence moods, behavior and emotions. And intentional color can set the tone for a space, promoting the functionality and productivity of the users of the space. The combination of bright and neutral colors in Linocut allows for creative installations, wayfinding and definition of space. 

Linocut is a 9” x 36” LVT that boasts an abstract, geometric visual with a multidirectional pattern. This design helps hide seams as well as scratching, scuffing and dirt and the 5MM style can be installed seamlessly with no transition to carpet.  Made in the USA and designed for durability, Linocut merges shape and color to help define direction and transform space.