Expanding on our line of homogenous sheet flooring, Holistic Shades + Holistic Thrive offer true through body construction engineered for high demand installations. 

Manufactured using high-performance raw materials, Holistic, Holistic Shades and Holistic Thrive are created to offer unparalleled strength and durability for healthcare and clinical installations. Our Holistic homogeneous sheet collection has a true through-pattern continuous construction designed for even wear and a consistent appearance. With no polish needed, Our ExoGuard® finish reduces cleaning time and minimizes disruption in demanding environments. 

With superior gouge and abrasion resistance,  ExoGuard® top-coat resists soil, stains, scratches, scuffs and abrasions, as well as chemicals and damage from alcohol-based hand sanitizers.  

Holistic is easy to heat weld and flash cove for seamless installation for spaces where superior infection control is critical.  Available in a broad palette of colors and patterns with coordinating weld rod colors.

Holistic Thrive color Become, Holistic Shades color Rest
Holistic Colorline

Designed for the use of healthcare and clinical installations, Holistic Shades and Holistic Thrive offer a broad coordinating color palette with soothing, calming colors and pops of brights to be used in designated areas for zoning and wayfinding.  

The brights are ideal for pediatric spaces – whether the goal of the space is to excite and engage or calm and relax. The expansion of our Holistic collection offers 48 new colorways with superior performance and durability to transform any healthcare space.  

Holistically designed for Healthcare.