Our latest LVT, Interweave, is a high-performance woven plank with the durability and cleanability of a traditional resilient. Combined with the unique texture and patterning of a textile, it is ideal for wayfinding and zoning. The neutral base color palette with bold infusions of pattern offers a subtle touch of tactility. 

The woven texture with hard surface resilience is an expansion on our textured surface LVT. Designed to coordinate with our 2019 Best of NeoCon Gold award winner, Handloom, the neutral color line of Interweave pairs with the bright pops of color within Handloom.  

Entangle, an 18x36 plank, offers a larger size to accommodate the large scale multi-directional, texture and pattern. Entangle has a line pattern that when composited together creates a subtle interactive patterning of intersecting angles.  

Tactility, a 9x36 plank, offers a more subtle and soft pattern meant to complement the bold design of Entangle and work seamlessly with the larger tile size.  

The colorline within this collection offers a variety of neutrals with five colors within Entangle and eight colors within Tactility.  

Tactility in Spun, Entangle in Pattern

Overall, the construction of Interweave varies only slightly from traditional LVT products. The key difference is that instead of a printed, film visual, a woven fabric is used to create the visuals. The layer of extruded vinyl yarn is protected by an ExoGuard finish which helps to keep dirt and debris from getting within the fabric, and aids against scratching, staining and scuffing 

Standard resilient cleaning and maintenance will ensure the product performs for an extended period. 

This durable and design- driven LVT can be installed in a variety of commercial spaces. The large scale, multi directional pattern is ideal for wayfinding and zoning. 

Bring a soft tactile feel to the room with hard surface resilience and performance. 


Interweave is Floorscore Certified, free of any Ortho Phthalates and receives an HPD and EPD.