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Inspired Connection

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Inspired Connection

Enhance connectivity.

Inspired by our human need for connection, Inspired Connection boasts patterns that evoke a visceral feeling and colors that connect to a memory or the familiar.  A colorpoint, 18” x 36” modular commercial flooring and broadloom collection, the soft, familiar textures are accented by shifts in color that are gently woven throughout the scaled pattern.

Texture and color.

Available in four carpet tiles and two broadlooms, the 12 running line colors work together to create bold patterns with textural luxe to enliven the spaces that surround us. 

Comfort and connection.

The initial vision for the collection was inspired by the importance of connectivity in creating a sense of belonging and wellbeing for the people who experience a space.

Designed to transform space.

"During the product development process, we conducted a nationwide listening tour to gather market insights and customer feedback as we considered market needs, patterns and colorways. These informative sessions truly inspired the collection.”

— Linnzi Rich, Product Designer

Idea Book / Issue 5

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