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Metal Collective

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Metal Collective

Beauty in the breakage.

Inspired by the art of Japanese kintsugi, where broken pottery is put back together with lacquer and dusted with metallic powder, Metal Collective reflects the patina of natural surfaces while answering the market-driven trend for realistic concrete visuals.

Artful imperfection.

The two 24” x 24” resilient styles within the collection offer a fresh take on an industrial concrete visual, reinterpreting traditional product design to offer versatility with thoughtful, soft metallic accents.

Soft metallics.

Metal Collective moves light across the floor through the use of metallic accents which ultimately create a warm and stylized look.

Designed to transform space.

“Metal Collective was inspired by the idea that there is beauty in imperfection, which inspires a rich, natural aesthetic.  The metallic accents are delicate but striking, creating a dynamic resilient tile that serves as compelling inspiration within the built environment.”

—  Amanda Hopkins, Product Designer

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Idea Book / Issue 2

Sometimes, the transformation of space begins with a feeling, an urge, a mistake that turns to purpose. The idea of craft is in the exploration. To lead with adventure and imagination. To embrace the fails, the scars, the pieces that don’t quite fit. To believe that there is always room for something new. Unravel. Break. Crush. Stitch. Re-imagine. Exploration is exposed in Idea Book, Issue 2.

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