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Gel Print

Carbon Neutral

New EcoSolution Q100TM yarn + EcoWorx® backing = lower, overall embodied carbon footprint.

Our EcoSolution Q100TM yarn accounts for a lower, overall embodied carbon of the product, which yields a low EC3 score, and is carbon neutral.

Soft + Serene

Soft texture blends with serene tonal color. A biophilic palette redefined, casted neutrals evoke tranquil vibes for much- needed moments of respite.

The Art of Monoprint

Inspired by artistic exploration with gel plate printing, product designer, Amanda Hopkins created a series of monotype prints to envision the movement and form of each pattern within the collection. With no two prints being exactly the same, each one revealed a unique interpretation of texture and depth, highlighting where the paint pulled away and creating a layered effect.

Positive + Negative Space

Gentle curves depict an interplay of layered depth, creating texture through positive and negative space.

Color Drifts. Color Fades.

With abstract sweeping patterns that build in intensity for movement and transition, color drifts. Color fades. Color lingers for calming spaces.

Modern Biophilia

"We reimagined the biophilic palette within this collection casting softer shades of rose, jade and ginger to create a delicate yet dynamic colorway. These colors read as neutral for a modern take on biophilia, enhancing a calming aesthetic." - Amanda Hopkins / Product Designer

Soft + Serene

Inspiration and Design

The Gel Print Story