Behind the Collection


Innovative Solution.

Longitude is an innovative resilient flooring solution offering the ultimate in dimensional stability. Constructed with a rigid mineral core combined with a durable ExoGuard+ top layer and InLine Level Edge™ Profile, it can be installed over existing hard surfaces while hiding subfloor imperfections without telegraphing. No acclimation time is required, offering minimal floor preparation and reducing installation times.

Performance + Construction.

Designed to perform, Longitude represents flooring innovation from the inside out. Deriving its strength from a rigid mineral core combined with a durable ExoGuard+® top layer, this hard surface provides enhanced scratch and stain resistance with superior performance against indentation, top-down moisture and sound insulation.

Put to the test.

Longitude has superior stain resistance compared to traditional LVT. It can withstand common stains such as hair dye, nail polish, and nail polish remover, as well as common medical stains including iodine, disinfectants, hand sanitizers and others – offering enduring durability that can stand up to the most demanding environments.

Designed To Preform.

The collection can withstand extreme indentation up to 2,500 psi and is polish and buff optional for hassle-free maintenance. Offering a 15-year limited commercial warranty, along with an underbed warranty, Longitude provides a high-performing resilient solution for commercial spaces.

Inside The Design /

Longitude has superior durability against staining, scratching, indentations and top-down moisture — standing up to the most demanding environments.

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