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Shape Study

Abstract Patterns

“Shape Study offers playful, abstract patterns for creative design. With a wide variety of color options and visual texture, the styles allow for unique installations to enhance education and healthcare spaces with flexible and colorful design solutions.” --- Amanda Hopkins, Patcraft Product Designer

Creative Installations

Inspired to create a go-anywhere texture option in a wide variety of colors, Shape Study is available in two patterns, Graph and Planar. The abstract patterns provide opportunities for creative installations and customized design, promoting design flexibility with a self-patterning visual.

Vibrant and Versatile

Offered in a range of vibrant colors that seamlessly coordinate with versatile neutral tones, Shape Study is designed to support branding, wayfinding and definition of space within education and healthcare environments.

Price Competitive Solution

Shape Study is available in a 2.5mm thickness, offering a price competitive flooring solution within a range of spaces. An ExoGuard+® finish provides enhanced scratch and stain resistance, and products are polish optional for ease of cleaning and maintenance.


Explore the Shape Study Digital Architect Folder to view the colorline, room scenes, specifications, accessories and more. 

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Coordinating Palette

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