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True SpeciesĀ 

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True Species

Realistic Wood Visuals

True Species is a digitally printed collection, which allows for a longer pattern with more unique planks, creating realistic wood visuals. The design provides variation that is enhanced by visual texture and depth, and the colors represent quintessential wood species. The authentic graining and rich colorways highlight natural imperfections, celebrating the enduring beauty of biophilic design. 

Maximum design flexibility

Available in both 2.5mm and 5mm thicknesses, True Species offers multiple constructions for maximum design flexibility. Products are polish optional for ease of cleaning and maintenance, and the collection features a 20 mil wear layer for superior durability. An ExoGuard® finish provides enhanced resistance to scratches and scuffs.

Depth and Visual texture

“True Species provides the authenticity of a wood look with distinct patterning across wide planks. Using a digital printing technique, we were able to achieve depth and visual texture throughout wood grain patterns, providing a realistic interpretation of a variety of species.” -Kelly Williams, Patcraft Senior Designer

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Introducing True Species. Celebrating the enduring beauty of timeless wood visuals. A foundation for classic design.

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