Schools of the future

Meet the judges

The 2023 Schools of the Future Award Panel of Judges was made up of some leading designers in the Education space. These individuals are all making such amazing impacts on the students, faculty and community's that they are involved in designing education spaces for.

Dennise De Le Rosa, ASID, CID, RID

Interior Architect, Associate Principal at Ruhnau Clarke Architects

Dennise is committed to cultivating space that evokes joy, approaching projects individually and holistically. With over 15 years of design experience with an emphasis in educational architecture, she has proven success in translating ideas into re-imagined spaces that foster well-being and exploration. Having lived in myriad design cities across the country, she has a unique perspective to design that lends itself to a variety of styles resulting in bright/ timeless spaces that have been recognized by American School and University, Architectural Record, and the Coalition for Adequate School Housing. Her design methodology involves developing a story rooted in a project's location, history and end users. Dennise is passionate about the creative process and believes great design is reflective of place- to not only be seen but also felt.

Katharine Land

Senior Interior Designer, Associate at Stantec

Katharine is a Senior Interior Designer at Stantec with nearly thirteen years of experience, primarily in the education sector. Her projects have ranged from daycares to universities located throughout Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

Katharine has a passion for travel and those experiences help enrich her designs. On a recent trip to Barcelona, she left inspired by a quote from the world renown Spanish architect, Antonio Gaudi, “To do things right, first you need love, then technique.”

Leslie Rau, IIDA

Principal/Interior Designer at Darden Architects

Leslie is an interior designer who loves her family, scuba diving and Fresno State Football.

Mark Beebe, AIA

Principal | Midwest PK12 Education Market Leader at Ratio

Mark’s 24+ year career has been fueled by his passion for PK12 design and its powerful potential to create expansive opportunities that have lasting, positive impact not only on students and teachers, but also on families and communities. He takes inspiration from the wonder in kids’ eyes as they enter learning spaces that spark curiosity and imagination, and from the transformation that can be achieved by supporting teachers and staff through innovative learning spaces. Mark’s approach balances a welcoming sense of familiarity, helping people find their comfort zone within each space, with a layering of purpose and function that draws people in and keeps them interested in learning more.

Mark is a thoughtful and observant leader who’s always willing to roll up his sleeves and get to work in the trenches, leading by example as he lifts his team. With a sunny demeanor and positive outlook, he actively listens to understand his clients’ goals and motivations, inspiring them to elevate their expectations for their learning spaces. Mark believes it’s always worthwhile to make the large and small gestures that will improve someone’s day. And when he’s not working, you’ll often find him building things or exploring with his family, including sailing catamarans in the Caribbean.

Talia Kaufman

Interior Designer at Studio GC Architecture + Interiors

As an interior designer at Studio GC Architecture + Interiors, Talia’s passion is creating inspirational learning environments that integrate design, technology, and elements from nature. In her collaboration with educational and community organizations, she has designed and delivered a variety of PreK-12 public school and library projects to meet their needs and objectives. Talia is a graduate of Drexel

University, with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and a minor in Sustainability in the Built Environment. In her free time, she enjoys metalsmithing jewelry as an outlet to craft with her hands.

Arden Cooper

Interior Design at RossTarrant Architects

My name is Arden Shayn Cooper and I am a multi-disciplinary designer with a focus on infographics, branding/identity development, and interior design. I am constantly pushing my creative boundaries through a variety of artistic avenues in an effort to become more well-rounded as a designer both two and three-dimensionally. My desire for exploration, as well as my attention to detail, allows me to think creatively and experiment to the best of my ability at every level. I strive to learn as much as I can from every opportunity and I have a zest for knowledge that can only be filled with design.