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Subtle Impressions

“A bouquet of perfect petals was the start of our quest to find the beauty that lives inside. ”

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Transform Community

“We wanted to take our passion for community betterment to the next level by focusing our deep relationships with customers into the areas in which we live, work and play.”

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Creating Positive Space, Enabling Positive Behavior

“Great school facility design does not have to equate to costing more money. Great design that goes outside the box, thinking differently and innovatively is responsible practice to protect people, invest in our youth, and restore a better world.”

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Deconstructed Felt

“A 2019 Best of Neocon Gold award winner in modular flooring, Deconstructed Felt pushes the boundaries of traditional flooring through the study of transparency.”

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Productivity in Education

“Design Differently: Schools of the future help enhance learning and increase student success”

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Create Centre Wins Fast Co. Innovation by Design Award

“Our Create Centre provides our product development and marketing teams with the space to inspire, create and transform. ”

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Painting Your School

“If you had a blank canvas to design your ideal school, what would you paint?”

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“With colorful accents and neutral colors inspired by textile arts and natural materials, Handloom is a textural resilient tile collection of two coordinating styles.”

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Together We Transform

“A behind the scenes look at who is inspiring, creating and transforming the world around us at Patcraft. ”

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