Gemscape-teaser.pngAfter exploring the natural and man-made materials at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show for nearly two decades, Senior Product Designer Ron Powell decided to bring the beauty of gems and minerals to life with Gemscape, a soft surface flooring solution featuring rich textural patterns accompanied by deep accent colors.

Offering four 24” x 24” carpet tiles and two broadloom styles, these coordinating styles transform space with their elevated visuals and flexible color palettes, allowing this collection to be easily placed alongside other carpet and hard surface products. 

Carpet tile styles Surface Striation and Inclusion boast a neutral palette along with two additional carpet tiles, Surface Striation Color and Inclusion Color which feature rich, accent stripes. All modular products feature eight color options.

Also offered in eight colorways which coordinate with the modular offerings, are broadloom styles Rough Cut and Geode

Accompanied by a StrataWorx backing, the modular styles offer maximum efficiency in transportation and installation, as well as high levels of performance, benefit and cost typically seen only in broadloom products. 

Gemscape is entirely pdQ, meaning products will be able to ship to you within 10 business days, giving you easy access to this beautiful high-performing collection for your fast-turn projects. 

View the styles within our Gemscape collection.