Together We Transform: Customers



We strive to partner with our customers to transform spaces and experiences for your needs. It takes a team of innovative and inspiring people to transform the market and we feel that our partnerships do just that. Get to know some of our customers with a behind the scenes look at who is inspiring, creating and transforming the world around us with Patcraft.

Kristin Check Kristin-Check.png

Day Job: Interior Designer, Guernsey

Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2010

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 

Inspire / Creation
“I love watching people create things hands on, with an artisanal approach. I love when an artist can create something unique from scratch and turn it into something special.”

Create / Strategy and Passion
“Creativity is being able to design strategically and passionately, even with limited resources, to create a better end result - it is using your creativity to solve a problem.”

Transform / Focus
“I’d like to see us all slow down and be nicer to each other. I think it is important that we slow down enough to focus more on the long-term than the immediate stuff in front of us.”

I enjoy doing business with Patcraft because…  I feel that they have numerous designs at an affordable price point that work for my projects.  They always have quality customer service and are a partner on the project.

Maria Ellingwood 


Day Job: Senior Project Designer, Mitsch Design 

Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2015

Location: Carmel, Indiana

Inspire / Travel
“I am inspired when I travel. From seeing old historic landmarks of Europe to the buildings in rural, small-town Indiana. I like to see how people’s lives influence architecture and design.”

Create / Self-Expression
“Creativity is the way you express your personal experiences and surroundings. It is unique to you and the way you show your thoughts.”

Transform / Collaboration
“I enjoy working with a team full of people and learning how someone else ping-pongs off of another person’s idea. It inspires me to come up with a solution that I may not have come up with on my own.”

I enjoy doing business with Patcraft because…  Patcraft pushes the envelope for design by providing visually interesting products, good pricing and durability. Their products are great options for many segments and the support we receive from our account manager all works together to create a great experience.

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