Patcraft's First Bio-Based Resilient



We have recently introduced our newest - and first PVC-free -  resilient style, EcoSystem. Offering two visuals within three styles, EcoSystem meets the need for a coordinating plank and sheet within a collection, which work well with the coordinating abstract tile. The collection’s soothing colorways promote health and wellness within commercial interiors, and it’s no-polish finish combined with high performance on the Medical Stain and Chemical Resistance testing make it ideal for clinical and healthcare applications.

“By printing with strings that were dipped in watercolor paints, we created intricate designs which inspired the abstract visual of Meaning tile  within the collection,” said our Hard Surface Designer, Kelly Stewart. “The artistic result produced visuals with soft and calming patterns that evoke a sense of comfort, wellness and healing, and coordinate effortlessly with the visuals of Enrich plank and sheet.

20180709-DSC_6588-(1).jpgThe two visuals across the three styles can be used seamlessly together to create dynamic and diverse patterns.  Enrich offers classic and modern wood visuals that create a beautiful base for many project needs. The colors range from warm and traditional to cool and modern.  Meaning is an abstract multi-directional pattern that serves the functional purpose of hiding scratches, scuffs and dirt, and also disguising seams.  The subtle pattern, healing colorways, and warm wood designs of EcoSystem are optimized to create a calming influence within the built environment.  

“EcoSystem offers a timeless, warm style while improving material sustainability credentials that ensure that our product contributes to health and wellness within the built environment,” said Shannon Cochran, our Vice President, Creative and Design.  “By exploring new and creative solutions, EcoSystem enhances how flooring performs to promote healing and comfort.”

A durable and low-maintenance product with no PVC, no ortho-phthalate plasticizers or solvents, EcoSystem is designed to perform in high-demand environments.  Its innovative bio-based polyurethane surface allows for dirt and scuff marks to be removed easily and completely.  The closed, or non-porous, surface of EcoSystem offers ease of maintenance, and the product is odor-neutral and virtually emission-free. The product is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified, FloorScore certified and carries an HPD.

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