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Screen-Shot-2020-07-30-at-10-46-43-AM.pngIdea Book, issue three, available as of Fall 2019, shares our Inside Out approach to design.  Inside- out design lets us create indoor spaces that mimic the outdoors in aesthetics, healthy materials, light, texture and flow. We think, create and experience and we do it all with a purpose. Our inner spaces reflect our outer desires - to solve problems, form ideas, connect and transform. 

Bring the outside in through texture, pattern and sustainable materials and you begin to think differently about design and the notion of sustainability itself. It's much bigger than the environment. It is also how we live, work, heal, learn and create. Inside- out products combine transparent materiality and inner beauty to engage our senses while enhancing our world. 

Idea Book, Issue 3 explores the inner beauty through four of our collections, Organic Interruption, Dichroic, EcoSystem and Walk Forward. 

Inspired by the way nature interacts with man-made structures, Organic Interruption is a collection that embraces linear patterns disrupted by organic textures. As we explored urban surroundings, we were inspired by structures and surfaces overrun by nature. Timeworn cracks in concrete emerged with moss. Walls discolored with lichen. Sidewalks broken by with shoots of green. Using traditional block printing, we created linear patterns with organic imperfections, replicating the precision of the man-made interrupted by the abundant beauty of nature. 

Dichroic-Inspo-(3).jpgMerging tones and shifting shapes create sweeping gradations across a space. Ombre visuals in square and facet tiles, Dichroic mimics the textural variation of felt. But it's real superpower lies within. Constructed from recycled PET bottles, Dichroic is a hybrid of soft and hard surface – with the plushness of felt and the durability of a hard surface. Each 24” x 24” tile is made with up to 18 (0.5 L) plastic bottles.

Ecosystem is our PVC-free resilient collection of coordinating wood pattern plank and sheet and abstract visual tile. The abstract, soft and calming multi-directional pattern of Meaning tile was created from markings of strings dipped in watercolor. The wood visual of Enrich plank and sheet in colors that complement and coordinate with Meaning. Derived of bio-based rapidly raw material like canola, rapeseed and castor oil, Ecosystem is free of ortho-phthalates, plasticizers and solvents.

From entryway to the interior, Walk Forward is a flexible and functional modular offering, designed to reduce debris and dirt from entering a building. This innovative construction and soft textural visuals combine the performance of a walk-off tile with beauty of soft surface. Walk Forward is designed to isolate and trap dirt and soil that is brought in from outside, preventing it from tracking into other areas of the building – keeping the environment cleaner and reducing the overall cost of maintenance.

Design starts with transparency. Because we think you should know what's inside the product you source. How they're made. And how sustainable they really are. 

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