Organic Interruption



Inspired by the beauty seen in our designer’s own backyard, Organic Interruption offers two 18” x 36” styles that replicate natural, organic textures found in nature. The diverse colorways corresponding with Linear Tension and Underlie each contain six neutral colors and 12 accent colors, making this collection ideal for the K-12 environment, although a great flooring solution for various other end-use spaces. 

The unique texture and movement of Linear Tension paired with the multi-directional, cross-hatching pattern of Underlie offers versatility and can transform any space through branding, wayfinding and color blocking.

Amanda Hopkins, hard and soft surface designer for Patcraft, gained inspiration for Organic Interruption from textured sights scattered throughout her neighborhood, including cracked sidewalks from uprooted trees, weathered brick buildings and retaining walls overgrown with moss. With that imagery, she used a variety of brushes and painting techniques to incorporate those linear and organic textures into a carpet tile. 

Organic Interruption arose from wanting to create a collection involving market research and insight from our customers, which led us to conduct an education listening tour earlier this year.

“Our designers wanted to create a carpet tile inspired by the natural, organic textures that we see in our surroundings every day,” says Patcraft Vice President Creative & Design Shannon Cochran. “Throughout the development of this collection, we engaged with designers from across the country to ensure that we were providing our customers with a product we knew would satisfy a need in the marketplace.”

As with any Solution Q Extreme product, the ease of cleaning and maintenance will help the end-user maximize the performance of Organic Interruption, allowing it to withstand harsh environments.

Organic Interruption is Cradle to Cradle certified; manufactured in a Carbon Neutral facility; and is fully recyclable. 

For additional information about this collection, check out the product specifications.
Linear Tension | Underlie