Monochrome & Surface Tone



Monochrome and Surface Tone is our LVT created in response to your desire for abstract organic visuals. Available in two visuals of varying size, the collection boasts a natural, yet sophisticated aesthetic. The contrasting matte and gloss textures within Monochrome, combined with two style options, allow designers to use the effects of light within a space to impact function and design. 

 This unique resilient collection explores the juxtaposition of varying textures to create scale through subtle or bold pairings. Monochrome Gloss can be used for wayfinding, and can also be used to accent and define spaces.

Monochrome Matte is offered in 18 x 36" tiles, and Monochrome Gloss and Surface Tone are offered in 9 x 36" tiles. The 5mm construction allows for installation alongside carpet without the need for transition.  Monochrome Matte and Gloss are available in 6 neutrals, creating a great base for any project. Surface Tone is available in 6 neutrals that coordinate back to the Monochrome colors, as well as 5 brights.

"With this unique collection, we sought to bridge the divide between two such uniquely different finishes: matte and gloss,” said Kelly Stewart, hard surface designer.  “We saw opportunity for these looks to help designers move beyond ordinary flooring installation designs. We chose a tile format, rich neutrals and dynamic brights to leverage the most opportunity from the gloss finish and the simplicity of the matte look.”

The contrasting matte and gloss textures enable designers to play with the effects of light to control the function and design of various end-use environments.  Reaching beyond the ordinary to introduce truly unique flooring products, this collection features beautiful, simplistic designs. 

“These influential visuals work together to create a fluid yet dynamic aesthetic,” said Stewart. “The Monochrome and Surface Tone collection represents what can be accomplished when polarizing looks are artfully brought together to create a thoughtful flooring collection.” 

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