States of Water



Water has always been a draw and inspiration for our Product Designer Ashley Weaver. Growing up, she swam competitively, learned to scuba dive, and enjoyed ice skating every winter.  The variations of water - solid, liquid and gas - became an inspiration and a vision for our latest soft surface collection, States of Water

Taking her curious observation of water’s three states of existence, she began researching images - specifically Greenland where she noted many photographs capturing the impact of light on the surface creating a unique color shift which she wanted to emulate with yarn. Working with manufacturing, she aimed to replicate the visuals she found to create a modular collection that could capture the color and design she noted in her inspiration. 

States of Water is a three style collection of 24” x 24” EcoWorx tiles, with six bright colors and five neutrals. The three patterns within States of Water feature 11 colorways which use three, air entangled yarns that run the width of the product and create a unique shift in color.  

Screen-Shot-2021-02-26-at-1-23-57-PM.pngGlacial Ice, inspired by the cracking within ice, features a sweeping gradient in a large scale pattern.  Tidal, capturing the essence of waves crashing on shore, has a more subtle texture with neutral background colors ranging from warm to cool and Vaporous is a medium scale pattern with a lot of movement, similar to vaporization. The patterning, offered in large, medium and small scale, along with the range in colorways, make this collection suitable for corporate and education, specifically when trying to match to specific colors for branding or to match accent furniture.

As designers aim to provide multi-sensory experiences that stimulate scent, touch, taste, sound and sight to connect with users on a deeper, more meaningful level, Ashley wanted to replicate her findings into a soft surface flooring collection that provides this connection.  The sweeping gradient and nature inspired visuals create a sense of calm and wellbeing desired in multi-sensory spaces, and make it an ideal collection to transform space and experience.

All styles within States of Water are EcoSolution Q Nylon making it easy to maintain and also perform against tough stains and spills. Like all of our EcoWorx backed products, States of Water is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life. 

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