Transform Workshop LA



In October of 2018, we partnered with Design Milk, one of the most influential blogs on interior design, art and style, to host an immersive Design Workshop in Los Angeles, California.

Our immersive, hands-on forum focused on design, creativity and inspiration. The three-day workshop was facilitated by our very own Shannon Cochran, VP of Creative & Design and Jaime Derringer, founder and Executive Editor of Design Milk. With sessions intended to experience and explore Los Angeles through design and culture, the TransFORM workshop served as a multi-dimensional platform to enhance and enrich creative thinking. Designers from around the country were inspired and challenged with new ways to create.

“As designers, we often seek balance in the role of internal and external forces as we strive to stay mindful in our creative process,” said Shannon Cochran. “The TransFORM Workshop was a unique opportunity for Patcraft and Design Milk to collaborate to foster creativity with designers of varied backgrounds. We sought to inspire and challenge one another through deep discussion and hands-on activities, departing with a rejuvenated sense of wellness and community within our respective design professions.”

Seven commercial design leaders from across the country were selected to participate with us in the TransFORM workshop through a contest or based on their influence within the design community. This exclusive experience was tailored to spark creative thinking through inspiration and mindfulness, while our attendees participated in interactive sessions and thoughtful discussions led by notable influencers including Rose Apodaca of A+R; Mariana Orkenyi, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher; and Sybille Herwig, Interior Design Professional at HOK. 

An architectural tour of the thoughtfully reimagined hub for creative space, retail & art in downtown LA, The Row DTLA, was led by Jakub Tejchman and Erin Williams of Rios Clementi Hale Studios.

Our participants joined in hands-on creative activities led by Shannon at Poketo Project Space at The Row.

“The TransFORM Workshop allowed designers from different locations and industries to come together with the commonality of design and creativity. Seeing those connections created, and the value it brought to each participant, was exciting,” said Jaime.  “We engaged in many activities that promoted creativity and mindfulness, including the group meditation, which kicked off our day and made it even more special.”

We will continue exploring and designing immersive experiences that allow designers the chance to question, create and reimagine the possibilities of creative solutions within today’s evolving built environment.

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