Artful & Textured


In a time of isolation and working from home, curious observation inspired our latest collection, Artful & Textured. Without access to normal tools and resources at the office, our product designer, Linnzi Rich, began observing items around her house with texture. 

“As a curious observer, I am always looking to my surroundings for new ideas when designing a new product. When we quarantined in Spring of 2020, I was somewhat forced inside…. Lacking the opportunity to explore new places for inspiration. I began to take a closer look at all that was around me - in my home - to see if there might be something that had always been right in front me that I could pull as an idea starter,” says Linnzi. 

From the walls, to her refrigerator, to fabric and even an old clock made out of barn wood, she noted that all items - no matter how large or small - seemed to have a unique texture. Taking paper and various colored pencils, she began to rub these textures with pencil and paper and take a closer look at the pattern and scale.  The patterns created by these textures inspired the design of Artful & Textured. She ultimately scanned these patterns into her computer to study the designs further. Working with manufacturing, she created three styles which are a direct interpretation of her rubbed textures. 

Artful_Textured_Graphite_430_590.jpgDriven by the need for calm and comfort, people are seeking businesses that incorporate spaces for rest, meditation, mindfulness and even beauty in their interior designs. Artful & Textured offers the sought after soothing colors, tactile surfaces, and exaggerated textures that enhance this connectivity. These elements can boost consumers' emotions, provide a sense of peace and belonging, and build brand connections in unique and different ways.

Artful & Textured is a three style collection of 24” x 24” EcoWorx carpet tiles that features 10 colorways ranging from warm to cool neutrals. The collection is suitable to transform a variety of end use spaces. The three styles include Charcoal, the largest scale pattern with organic movement throughout, Graphite, an organic, distressed grid and Ink which is very linear with texture all over.

Artful & Textured is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life and, as a pdQ collection, these styles are guaranteed to ship within 10 business days. 

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