NeoCon 2019



It starts without intention. Sometimes, the transformation of space begins with a feeling, an urge, a mistake that turns to purpose. The idea of craft is in the exploration. To lead with adventure and imagination. To embrace the fails, the scars, the pieces that don’t quite fit. To believe that there is always room for something new. Chasing perfection isn’t the point. Allowing flaws to show through is. Unravel. Break. Crush. Stitch. Re-imagine. Exploration is exposed. Refabrication is the new edit. Because that is where true beauty lies. Imperfect. Impermanent. Incomplete. From color to shape, from hard surface to soft surface. Let’s make things together.

Imperfect is the process. Embracing this idea, our creative team unveiled four new collections that highlight the imperfect process of design in two soft surface collections - Deconstructed Felt and Subtle Impressions, and two hard surface collections - Handloom and Metal Collective.


Take me apart to make me whole. Deconstructed Felt was one of our showstoppers, securing the Best of NeoCon Gold Award for Modular Carpet, as well as a Building’s Product Innovation Award. Inspired by transparency, the collection includes striking, dynamic colors alongside a unique pattern that goes beyond the limits of traditional flooring design. Deconstructed Felt’s purpose is to provide flexibility in both materiality and function in order to create visual and textural contrast among the built environment. Texture and tactility are two qualities that are displayed within this specific floor, depicting dimension with the yarn laid on top of a felted backing. Deconstructed Felt, the third carpet tile collection within the Deconstructed platform, will be available in 12”x48” carpet tiles starting August 2019. 

Expanding our selection in the resilient tile category, we introduced a new collection meant to reflect sophistication. Handloom features two coordinating styles, Painted Weft and Wooden Warp, created with colorful accents and neutral colors that were inspired by textile arts and natural materials to create organic, balanced spaces. Handloom really made a name for itself at NeoCon, taking home the Best of NeoCon Gold Award for Hard Surface LVT & Planks, as well as a Metropolis Likes Award. The collection will be available September 2019 in 9”x36” tiles.

Metal Collective is another resilient tile collection that we debuted at NeoCon this year, which was inspired by the Kintsugi practice of repairing broken pottery using metallic ink. The Kintsugi philosophy treats breakage and repair as important details that serve as part of the design history and sustainability. Metal Collective was created on the basis of the market-driven trend for realistic concrete visuals. There are two styles within the collection, Oxidized and Molten, both offering versatility with their soft metallic accents. Metal Collective is available now in 60cm x 60cm tiles.

The fourth and final product we introduced at NeoCon this year was a carpet tile collection, Subtle Impressions. Creating this collection was a unique experience for the design team, with hundreds of flowers brought in to be pressed on cloth. Playing with fragments of the subtle markings left behind by the flowers, the team used outlines and shadows to create scale and contrast. The artwork was then digitally rendered to capture vibrant colors and patterns that resulted from this natural process. Subtle Impressions earned the Interior Design HiP Award for Health & Wellness Flooring at NeoCon. Available in 12”x48” carpet tiles, this collection will launch in September 2019.

Our Idea Book, Issue 2 is now available, exhibiting these four new products. Contact your account manager to order your own copy of our Idea Book or view our digital version.