Trends at NeoCon 2019



NeoCon is the most important event of the year for the contract and commercial design industry and each year we find there are certain themes consistent across all categories. The typical focus on office interiors at NeoCon has shifted towards hospitality design, creating a home-away-from-home environment in commercial spaces.

The ability to mesh together the idea of live, work and play sprouts the trend of the fluid office. Fluidity to make for more “home-like” and flexible spaces promote comfort and feelings of welcome in the workplace. Open concepts create a sense of community and encourages a simple way to communicate and collaborate. This trend coincides with another trend that is elevated comfort. Workspaces available at a standing-height are becoming increasingly popular for more casual meetings. 

Customization is a growing trend that shows flexibility among brands as they cater to consumer’s requests by offering design tools that tailor each experience. Material, finish, size and pattern are a few of the aspects that can be easily modified in regards to specific customer needs. 

Dynamic jewel tone colors such as berry, oxblood, hues of greens, yellows, terracottas and electric blues were prevalent at this year’s show. Artificial bold and bright colors were seen, as well as natural warm shades. We noticed neon accents and unexpected color pairings, intended to embed confidence within commercial and office spaces.

Sustainability is a key factor that is becoming an expectation among all market levels, with many manufacturers progressing towards zero waste. The trend of transparency and authenticity among brands has allowed consumers to understand exactly what is in the products they are purchasing. This trend also allows consumers to explore how these products are manufactured, as seen in the photo to the right.

Contrasting textures, specifically materials used were seen in many of the showrooms this year. From raw plywood finishes mixed with velvets and felt to shiny and matte combinations, these contradictions make for unique design interiors. 
We appreciated some of the accommodating features that we saw at NeoCon, including storage within furniture pieces that help maintain an orderly workspace and keeping personal belongings secure. Electrical outlets were seen placed in convenient locations, giving people easy access to power sources, which is imperative in a working environment. Adding wheels to a variety of products has allowed for even more fluidity among meeting spaces and gives technology the same flexibility as furniture such as chairs and presentation boards. 

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