Idea Book Issue 5, Curious Observer



idea-book-5-cover.PNGIdea Book issue five is all about curiosity. Setting your eyes on the bigger, monumental ideas and chasing the why behind design. We focus on fleeting trends and designing forward for a lasting impact that will carry us into the future. We want to create spaces where curiosity abounds. 

The Curious Observer shares our intention to seek, explore and observe. We design through the mind’s eye, seeking the underlying connection. It is this cycle of authenticity that guides us through our process as we make broader connections with the world around us. “Curious observation can change the world and everything related to it, if you let it. Seeing things that others don’t to uncover what really drives, inspires and motivates,” says Shannon Cochran, VP Design. Idea Book issue five shares how each of our designers explore, listen, question and create. Learn what type of curious observer you are in this Idea Book. 

Re-Imagining the Workplace Design is a focus for many of us at this time. Our way of working has shifted faster than we ever could have anticipated. As we are re-emerging, we are reimagining. We look to explore the intersection of physical and emotional space in the evolving workplace - through the lens of four trends: personalization, connectivity, wellness and emotion. 

Our newest collection, Inspired Connection, presents bold patterns with textural luxe. This collection enhances our connections and enlivens the spaces around us with colorpoint carpet tile and broadloom. Inspired Connection is designed to create a cohesive space with a sense of place that is akin to home. With 12 running line colors, the colorpoint construction is machine- tufted to create precise details for a dimensional aesthetic. This collection will leave you seeking connection. 


The intersection of line and texture bring us, Linocut, launching later this year.. A graphic yet abstract resilient with layered linear patterning for depth and dimension. Inspired by the technique of block printing, our designer began her process with a series of handmade prints created using carved block stamps. “We were drawn to the beauty of the raw, linear markings created by the Linocut printmaking techniques. There is an understated beauty in the prints we explored where the paint didn’t fully adhere to the stamps. These imperfections created a distressed visual that added proportion and a texture to the graphic quality of design,” says Kelly Williams, resilient designer. Made in the USA and designed for durability, Linocut merges shape and color to help define direction and transform space.

Anew, is a unique wide plank resilient that offers wood and stone visuals. Also made in the USA, Anew is available in a 2.5 mm or 5 mm thickness and 15 colors, offering you the right fit to create any unique installation. Anew is a fresh approach that is designed to transform any space. Timeless and versatile with a modern feel. 

Learn more about the curious observer, re- imagining the workplace, and our newest collections in Idea Book issue 5. View it here or ask your account manager for your own copy. 

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