Together We Transform


A behind the scenes look at who is inspiring, creating and transforming the world around us at Patcraft. 



Kelly Stewart 


Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2015 

Day Job: Senior Hard Surface Product Designer

Location: Cartersville, Georgia 

Inspire / Painting and Piano 
“I love having a variety of creative outlets that differ from my everyday work so I can switch things up whenever I'm looking for a new challenge or project.” 

Create /  Rebecca Atwood Admiration 
“I'm inspired by her process and the importance she places on playing, experimenting, and making. Her work is authentic and true to who she is as an artist and designer. Creating authentic designs and staying true to the process are so important to me and my work.”

Transform / The World 
“I would like to see more people show kindness to one another.  I think we could use  a lot more of it!” 

Favorite Patcraft Product: Creative Code 

I am Patcraft because… I believe in pushing the limits. 


Tom Conway 


Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2014 

Day Job: Senior Account Manager 

Location: Portland, Oregon  

Inspire /  Live Music  
"I have been in bands my whole life. Playing the guitar and drums to come up with riffs and putting the puzzle together is pretty fun." 

Create /  Separate Yourself 
"Creativity separates us from the mundane day to day grind. If we try to reach for creativity in everything we do, it becomes easier and more satisfying." 

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working." - Pablo Picasso

Transform / Transcendental Meditation
"This absolutely changed everything. My stress load is almost gone and it has helped shape my creativity to turn into action. It has been amazing." 

Favorite Patcraft Product: Patina (installed in Tom's home office) 

I am Patcraft because… sustainability is at the forefront of everything I do. 


Patty Jafolis 


Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2000

Day Job: Marketing Manager 

Location: Cartersville, Georgia  

Inspire /  People 
"I am inspired daily by different people. I am inspired by anyone who follows their passions or who is working to make a change in this world." 

Create /  Read 
"I am an avid reader, mostly fiction and biographies." 

Transform / Architecture
"I would love to see all of the abandoned builidngs be renovated and occupied before new construction takes place." 

Favorite Patcraft Product: Patina

I am Patcraft... because I am inspired by the team that I work with everyday. 



Kelly Dahl

Patcraft Enthusiast since:  2008

Day Job: Senior Account Manager 

Location:  North Dakota, South Dakota, Western Minnesota 
Inspire / Nature Documentary 
“I am inspired by watching nature documentaries.” 
Create /  Foodie
“I am a foodie and love to create in the kitchen. My most recent creation was a new Spring Roll.” 
Transform / Nature
“Nature helps me transform my creativity. I spend a lot of time walking, daydreaming and fishing. Alaska is the most inspiring to me.”

Favorite Patcrat product: Radical 

I am Patcraft because… we are family, innovators and transformers. 

Amanda Hopkins 

Patcraft Enthusiast since:  2018 20190415-DSC_2837.jpg

Day Job: Hard and Soft Surface Product Designer

Location:  Create Centre
Inspire / Nature & Architecture
“It could be my neighborhood in Atlanta or whatever place I am traveling to or visiting. I love mixing both organic textures and linear structures in my designs, so getting inspiration from these two places is super helpful and sparks ideas.”

Create / Cooking
“Outside of work I would say the last creative thing I did was cook dinner last night. I love to cook and don't usually follow a recipe, so I  just whip up whatever I am feeling.  Creativity is important to me as an individual to stay sane and to express myself, but in a collaborative environment like at work and school I have found that it allows me to grow and open up my mind to ideas and possibilities I have not thought of before.”
Transform / Travel
“I can explore the world and find inspiration in other cultures. Opening your eyes to the world really transforms your mindset and allows you to approach things and see things in a completely new light.”

My favorite Patcraft Product is: Metal Collective

I am Patcraft because... I am inspired by our customers and team to design innovative flooring products.

Scott Martin

Patcraft Enthusiast since:  2012

Day Job: Senior Account Manager 

Location:  Indiana
Inspire /  Competition 
“The thrill of the chase and competitive side of winning a job inspires me.” 
Create / Drawing and Music
“I enjoy drawing occasionally. I took drawing in High School and College and it has become therapeutic for me. Music is also an everyday must. I’ve always liked music and who doesn’t roll the windows down and sing as you go down the Highway?”
Transform / My Kids 
“Having kids transformed the way I approach many things. I know that decisions I make can have a positive or negative effect on more than just myself. “
Favorite Patcraft product: Transverse

I am Patcraft because... Patcraft transformed my career aspirations 7 years ago!


Kieren Corcoran 

Patcraft Enthusiast since:  2016 20190415-DSC_3406-(1).jpg
Day Job:  Director of Marketing - Performance Markets
Location:  Create Centre
Inspire / Problem Solving 
“I find inspiration in problems that have yet to be solved.”
Create / Think Differently 
“My family and mountain biking are my passions. These passions drive me to find ways to think outside of the box.”

Transform / Find the Positive
“You can transform any experience by finding the positive in every situation.” 

Favorite Patcraft Product: Artefact 

I am Patcraft because... I am inspired by my colleagues, our customers and the market to innovate in ways that transform everyone’s experience with the brand. 

Todd Heilman COD_Todd_Heilman.jpg

Patcraft Enthusiast since:  2000 

Day Job: Senior Account Manager

Location:  St. Louis and Springfield
Inspire / Reading 
“I read voraciously. I try to mix it up between fiction, non fiction and literature novels as well as several newspapers a day and the Economist, Vanity Fair, Esquire, The Atlantic and other Center to Progressive monthly's.”
Create / Photography
“I do several photo shoots on the weekends and in the evenings. While I am able to express myself creatively with my sales presentations and interaction with customers, I am able to express myself creatively through my photography on a different level. Life would be dull without creativity”
Transform / Challenge 
“I transform my work by constantly challenging myself to do more, different,  and better with my sales calls and with my photography.
Favorite Patcraft Product: Whatever is the newest, latest and greatest introduction.
I am Patcraft because… Value. For over 20 years I have positioned and sold Patcraft based on my opinion that we offer the best overall value.