Idea Book Issue 2


Screen-Shot-2020-07-22-at-1-11-04-PM.pngIdea Book, issue two exhibits all four of the products that were introduced at NeoCon 2019, manifesting the theme that  “imperfect is the process.” Sometimes, the transformation of space begins with a feeling, an urge, a mistake that turns to purpose. The idea of craft is in the exploration. To lead with adventure and imagination. To embrace the fails, the scars, the pieces that don’t quite fit. To believe that there is always room for something new. Chasing perfection isn’t the point. Allowing flaws to show through is.

Deconstructed Felt, Metal Collective, Subtle Impressions, and Handloom are featured in the second issue, available as of Summer 2019. These collections each focus on their unique story and inspirations, exposing the raw elements and design purpose behind the creation of our products. 

Ideas manifest themselves in so many forms. With Deconstructed Felt, we began with these carpet sketches. Rough and unfinished, we weave, unravel, explore and expose the imperfect beauty we uncovered in this collection. Sometimes everything needs to come apart to make it all come together. What happens when you let the unfinished have the final say?

There is beauty in the breakage. Inspired by the art of Japanese kintsugi, where broken pottery is put back together with lacquer and dusted with metallic powder, Metal Collective is a hard surface LVT with metallic flecks and veins exposing a testament to the history of craft and its potential for the future. What is broken comes together in a new and beautiful way because scars make better stories. 

20181217-DSC_0647_small-(3).jpgA bouquet of perfect petals was the start of our quest to find the beauty that lives inside the design of Subtle Impressions. Inspired by delicately pressing flowers of varying hues onto cloth or paper, Subtle Impressions blends scale and texture. Our design team rolled, hammered and crushed fresh blooms to reveal a new kind of vivid beauty. 

A handwoven pattern recalls the craft of hand loomed textiles. A balance between warp and weft. Neutrals and vivid color. Traditional craft, re-imagined. A brilliant and flawed vision that never fails to make you look closer. Handloom embraces the idea of jacquard weaving to create a highly textural visual in a new, hard surface platform.

The range of platforms and styles in this book attracts consumers of all tastes, from bright, rich color-seekers to neutral enthusiasts, the range of possibilities is accommodating for all. These color inspirations, coupled with minimal and modern room scenes, give designers the freedom to manipulate their particular space with their own ideas. 

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