CEUs: Design Insights that Inform and Transform



Over the last year, Patcraft has engaged leaders in the A&D industry to better understand how design impacts user experience and productivity in the settings of workplace, education and healthcare. We are now sharing these insights through several carefully curated CEUs. 

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Transforming the Human Experience: Re-imagining Workplace Design

Historically, we’ve thought of design as a function for the built environment. But this thinking has evolved. Designers are now focused on ways physical space can create an emotional experience for employees, leading to increased productivity, satisfaction, connection points and even wellness outcomes. 

Transform Learning: Designing the Ideal Learning Environment

Today, schools are challenged to fill many important roles within the educational sphere. They must offer stimulating education and diverse curricula to promote critical thinking, creativity and measurable academic success among the student population. Design innovation can help schools create warm, welcoming environments that are safe and sustainable across a sprawling campus - while balancing students’ physical and emotional wellness and inspiring them to reach their goals.

Transform Experience: Wellness

Designs that enhance wellness don’t have to be complex. Investing in simple techniques and purposeful design can reduce stress, create meaningful experiences and improve health outcomes for both employees and customers. Increasingly important in today’s uncertain and stressful times, offering positive wellness experiences pays off long-term by strengthening retention and productivity, increasing brand loyalty and boosting sales over time. 

Other CEU topics available:

  • Color In Education
  • Resilient Flooring
  • Moisture
  • Acoustics
  • Sustainability

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