Coffee with a Curious Observer: Market Insights and Inspiration



At Patcraft, we are curious observers, seekers and explorers.  Over the last year, we have collaborated with peers inside and outside our industry to better understand consumer drivers and learn what trends are predicted for the future. These insights have informed our designs and how we think about the future of commercial innovations.

Based on this work, we are introducing a series of short insight presentations full of inspiration and ideas about the many ways consumer behaviors influence commercial design—offering the opportunity for a deeper connection and experience to the spaces where we work, learn and play.

We invite you to explore these insights with a Patcraft designer.  Join us for a virtual Coffee with A Curious Observer today. Contact your local account manager to schedule. 

Insight Presentation Topics Include:


Our way of working is shifting. We are faced with unforeseen challenges and circumstances that we must address head on and in the moment. In this presentation, we explore the “me”conomy consumer driver that focuses on personalized experiences in today’s workforce, and examine how this driver might continue to accelerate in today’s environment. We take a look at what motivates us, drives us, and also influences how we experience the spaces in which we live, work and play. 

Designing Experiential Spaces (Launching June 2020)
We often equate wellness with health. But today’s consumers use the term “wellness” more broadly - to encompass everything from health and self improvement to rest and stress management.  In this presentation, we explore design approaches and techniques that can reduce stress, create meaningful experiences and improve wellness outcomes for consumers and employees.

Connectivity (Launching July 2020)
Humans are social beings; our very survival has depended on it. Communication and cooperation have helped us survive harsh environmental circumstances, and while today’s threats are causing unprecedented disruption, they have also highlighted our innate desire to connect with others. This insight presentation will explore how commercial design can foster connectivity and collaboration, in interesting and authentic ways.

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