Moisture Solutions System



Moisture is the number one cause of floor failures, and Patcraft is proud to be the only manufacturer to warranty a moisture treatment system from the subfloor to the finished product.

Concrete can take weeks - even months - to fully dry after it is poured. Did you know that moisture is released from concrete as it hardens? With an increased number of tight construction deadlines, concrete often isn’t given the proper drying time, which can lead to moisture-related flooring failures. 

Inspired by this need in the market, Patcraft has developed moisture solutions to solve these concerns. With our applied moisture barrier solutions, you can install your flooring as little as 8 hours after application, versus traditional remediation methods, which are often unsuccessful and can take up to a week to install. 

Screen-Shot-2020-05-08-at-6-51-24-PM.pngSurface Prep EXT is a game-changer in the world of moisture solutions. A spray-on prep solution that creates a pristine concrete surface, Surface Prep EXT is a cost-effective alternative to bead blasting and neutralizes the pH upon first application. 

Oftentimes when moisture issues arise, it is unclear who you should turn to: the general contractor, the flooring contractor or the adhesive manufacturer? Worry no more. As your single source for moisture solutions, Patcraft’s moisture system can handle concerns ranging from the most basic issues to the more serious.

Patcraft’s moisture treatment solutions are backed with a 10-year commercial limited warranty, which covers everything from the subfloor to the finished product. The key to long-lasting flooring installations is understanding the moisture levels in your concrete subfloor, through proper moisture testing. 

To Prevent future moisture issues, perform moisture testing to determine the appropriate solutions for your subfloor. If moisture testing isn't an option then Patcraft offers options to Survive moisture. This includes our moisture tolerant adhesives like 4151 or breathable carpet backings like EcoLogix in your installation. 

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