Reentering the Workplace



As an industry, we are constantly thinking about how we can improve the experiences of those in our spaces, but wow has that taken on a different meaning in the recent days and months. Our discussions have rapidly shifted to how market needs will evolve and what ideas and innovations can be implemented as solutions now and in the future. 

Our focus remains on agility and innovation, moving quickly to help you identify solutions so that you can work safer and smarter. As we focus on returning to the workplace and the future of workplace design, we are implementing many of the same protocols and solutions that you are in your facilities and in the facilities of your customers so we know this can be a daunting task. 

But we also know that design can lead the users of a space to new behaviors, opening us up to new ways to interact and engage with our surroundings and ultimately inspire us into new ways to collaborate and work.

 As you think about design and how it can encourage behaviors especially during current times, please share your ideas about how flooring can be used to influence wayfinding, zoning and personal space while also encouraging collaboration and maintaining a beautiful design aesthetic. Here are a few of our ideas. Can't wait to see yours. 

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