Working From Home



TheresaSchneider-(1).jpegThis new way of working is something we’ve never experienced before, learning to balance the responsibilities of work, family and pets in a single living space for months at a time. Although challenging, our account managers have adjusted quite well to their new normal as virtual consultants for our customers by collaborating with the same intention and purpose that they always have. 

While in-person visits with architects, designers and end-users are limited, our account managers have discovered new creative ways to continue building those relationships. 

WFH-image.pngAs virtual consultants, they utilize video conferencing as a way to recreate that personal face-to-face experience that we all miss during this time of social distancing. The topics of these virtual
meetings vary greatly from product discussions, book club,
happy hour and installation discussions. 

“I miss being in front of my clients and that face to face interaction, but I'm thankful for this extra family time, for working for an amazing company. I know every action I make with my customers today will make a difference when we get back to normal,” says Megghan Hoyt, senior account manager. 

Christine-Barkow.pngAs this is an unexpected chapter in our lives, we are proud of our account managers who have continued to adjust their lives to the needs of our current state. With the lines of our personal lives and professional lives blurring together, we recognize that balancing all of these areas has led to a new ‘normal’ that we recognize has had its unexpected benefits.

AllisonCopley-(4).JPG“For me, my new normal is ALWAYS having three new "co-workers" in the office - my dog and my two children. The interruptions are constant, but they also serve as a reminder as to why I work as hard as I do,” says Daniel Kozek, account manager.

“Balancing the role of educator for my children and virtual consultant for my customers has been an eye-opening experience. I have found that it has added to my relationships as we get to peer into each others' lives as the division between work and home becomes increasingly smaller,” says Theresa Schneider, account manager.

As always, let’s remember that we are all in this together, even from a distance. Contact your account manager to set up a virtual meeting experience, or check out our Facebook page to learn more about our virtual CEUs or to learn a fun new craft by tuning into our Facebook LIVE videos.

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