An Unintentional Design Inspired by Curious Observation



DSC_4570-(1).jpgAs curious observers, the product development team is consistently listening to the market, asking questions, and observing surroundings to use as inspiration for new products. Our product technician, Corey Twilley, was supervising a manufacturing machine run in 2019, when he noticed a unique color shift that occurred while running knots through the machine from one colorway to the next of our product Walk Forward. This curious observation was the beginning of our latest collection, Colour Interference

Corey brought a sample of this carpet tile to Senior Designer Ron Powell. As the knots gave way to rich color, this visual inspired Ron to create a product that mimicked this unintentional design noted on the manufacturing machine.  Ron studied the vertical shift of color and envisioned that look in a plank. He was determined to create a thread up and patterning that would purposefully achieve this visual, which included a nubby texture throughout. 

Throughout the next phase of the design process, Ron and the design team played with the patterning to create a style that brought this concept to life— layering the vertical change in color to intentionally highlight the bold hues.

Screen-Shot-2020-11-12-at-11-23-32-AM.pngThe result of this inspiration was Colour Interference, a dynamic 12” x 48” carpet tile collection designed to encourage collaboration, guide movement, and infuse energy within spaces.  With 20 colorways that build in intensity throughout three different styles, Colour Interference explores a vertical transition of color to create vibrant flooring designs. The colorways of this collection build on each other through styles that are neutral; neutral with accent; neutral with a different accent; and then neutral with the two accents together.

There are three patterns within this collection. Colour Effect provides all over texture with a vertical and horizontal cross hatch visual. Optic Light which is a more small scale pattern with overall texture and Lineation that provides a visual featuring long, vertical elements that give length to the plank. 

"Creating Colour Interference was a combination of circumstance, observation and determination.  The vision presented itself and as a sensor, I designed this collection based on a mixture of feeling and creative notion," says product designer, Ron Powell.

With linear elements that give length to the pattern, the collection transforms end use environments by creating movement for wayfinding and definition of space.  

View more about the process and inspiration behind Colour Interference on our Pinterest

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