Finding an Acoustical Solution



Our Virginia Patcraft account manager, Allison Copley, is a Seeker. She is continually on the quest to explore and uncover new sources or ideas. Using these insights and her curious observation, Allison recently created an acoustical solution for a large project with Virginia Tech.

The higher education housing project was going to be using a new type of building construction, Steel Composite Deck. This is a building construction that has not yet been tested by our teams. Over the past year, Allison has actively seeked to find a solution for this project.

Patcraft was orginally specified for the project with VT. However, there was opportunity for this job to be taken by a competitor. Allison worked to partner with a dealer who had a great relationship with the general contractor and was willing to work through the sound testing to present Patcraft's capabilities.
Allision set up a call with the general contractor and dealer to discuss their assembly, the possibility of building the exact assembly, testing Patcraft LVT and acquiring correct IIC results from the actual assembly they would be using.

She worked closely with Barrett Morton, Senior Manager Technical Sales Support, to partner with building material suppliers to build our own version of this new building assembly to test for the acoustical ratings of our products in the space. Allison and Barrett built a strong relationship with the building materials supplier who makes the parts for the Steel / Concrete composite deck structure.  The reason this method is growing is that the construction can go higher than wood (5 floors on traditional stick build).
"We have heard of developments going up to 18 floors.  Think of it as mid rise, that is faster and less costly than traditional concrete construction," says Morton. 

The deck supplier worked closely with our team and the developer.  They supplied the materials and oversaw the production of the floor and ceiling assembly in the lab.  It is a steel truss / steel deck / concrete filled composite construction  - you can see the set they built to test in the images below.

In March of 2020 the acoustical test results came back and everything was good to go with any 2.5MM glue down LVT with Groundworks underneath. The teams also tested the corridor carpet that was specified. As with many projects, in May of 2020 Allison and her customer ran into a small hiccup. The customer made a decision to change their choice of project. Since the test provided results for any 2.5MM product, they were easily able to switch to CMYK corrdior. 

We anticipate growth for steel composite deck buildings because this type of construction can go higher than wood, i.e. 5 floors, allowing developers to go up to the 18 floors.

Congratulations to Allison on this huge win! We are proud to have a team member who seeks for solutions.

Thanks to her work with Barrett we are going to be adding a new building assembly to our Sound Advisor tool for you to utilize. 


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