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Screen-Shot-2020-11-30-at-10-00-11-AM.pngInspire, create, disrupt and transform with Ideabook version 6

As Curious Observers, we continually seek to uncover new solutions. Explore untouched opportunities. Adapt to a changing landscape. And challenge the normal process. In moments of unpredictability, we are nimble and agile. Willing to deconstruct and reconstruct perceptions and ideas. Listening, observing, reimagining. Because sometimes you have to flip the script. Reset your mindset. Create positive disruption to transform space and experience for the now normal and the future state.

In Ideabook 06, we take a closer look at how positive disruptions influence our design process, and how we connect with others. One such way we connect and learn from our customers, is through our partnership with Design Milk to host the Transform Design Workshop. By taking a closer look at what is around us, we widen our focus to uncover new perspectives and create connections to enhance experience together. “As designers, we strive to stay mindful and intentional in our creative process. That means sharing and collaborating in ways that foster creativity and leave us energized,” says VP of Creative + Design Shannon Cochran. Sometimes bringing different mindsets to the table, outside of your immediate team or organization, to share ideas and collaborate, is the best way to positively disrupt the creative process.

DSC_8926.jpgWe also explore social re-awareness and positive disruption which are taking place throughout our communities and how the change starts with us. While this past year has been one big disruption, out of this chaos comes transformation – for the better. Adapting to new ways of working, connecting and living, 2020 has set the stage for a mindset reset for how we connect with each other. A shift that begins with authenticity and vulnerability. A realignment of priorities. A focus on empathy.

“It’s so important to widen the angle of what we see to gain a different perspective. And sometimes the best way to connect it to listen to each other,” says account manager, Michele Gears. 

Ideabook 06 also features our four latest collections, Colour Interference, InTouch, Inset and Local Reserve.

DSC_4718.jpgColour Interference disrupts the design process. Our team was inspired by an unintentional design and was determined to develop a bold product to define spaces.  Colour Interference is a dynamic 12” x 48” carpet tile collection designed to encourage collaboration, guide movement, and infuse energy within spaces.

InTouch disrupts artistic impressions. This carpet collection was inspired by the literal act of working with clay and exploring the textures and patterns that are formed. “As a maker, exploring tactillity and texture is a large part of my design process. Creating a sense of touch is as important as how it looks,” says product designer Ashley Weaver.

DSC_0835.jpgInset disrupts symmetry and merges material form to embrace the bias. Inspired by the technique of parquetry, this resilient collection offers a mix of wood and concrete visuals accentuated with metallic inlay- creating a distinctive interplay of line and geometric pattern. With a 5mm embossed and register, it mixes seamlessly with carpet without transition, transforming any space.

PAT_LocalReserve_7210_Dichroic_280_790.pngLocal Reserve, an SPC resilient with tongue and groove, is a disruption from the top down. Designed for excellent appearance retention, easy installation, top down moisture control and a high density rigid core, Local Reserve can withstand indentation with no acclimation time needed. Made in the USA, it comes in a wide range of colors from traditional wood grains to modern straight grain visuals. It is the total equation in flooring performance.

Learn more about positive disruptions and our latest products in Idea Book issue 6. View it here or ask your account manager for your own copy. 

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