Subtle Impressions




Flowers crushed onto a textured canvas bloom anew. A garden of vivid color can't live forever. Or can it? 
Our design team rolled, hammered and crushed fresh blooms to reveal a new kind of vivid beauty. 

This was the inspiration for Subtle Impressions, a collection of colorpoint carpet tile. Various pieces of flowers, petals, leaves and stems were pressed into fabrics, achieving a unique variation of color and pattern. While some floral was vibrant, others were more subdued, creating a natural gradation of color shift. Similarly, the patterns shifted from a literal flower visual to a more abstract visual.
With the growing trend of bringing nature indoors, this collection is a literal interpretation of bringing the outdoors into interior commercial spaces. One of three styles in the collection, Floraculture boasts the highest pattern impact, with large scale florals prominent in the visual. Perennial features the same colorways as Floraculture, but in a smaller scale pattern and with less color saturation overall. Pressed is a two color style that can be used with Floraculture and Perennial to provide an impactful shift of color across a space.
3_v2_Subtle-Impressions_Floraculture_Orchid_Floraculture_Larkspur_Stagger.jpgThe inspiration behind Subtle Impressions stems from the need for more hospitality style visuals and the use of color within a space. The collection embraces our natural surroundings and brings the outdoors inside. 

Consisting of the three 12" x 48" carpet tile styles, the collection reveals contrast and soothing patterns to evoke a sense of calm and wellbeing. 

Floraculture and Perennial share five base colorways which shift from vibrant and large scale patterns in Floraculture, to a more watercolor and abstract visual in Perennial. This provides more impact throughout a space, and coordinates well with the neutral colors of Pressed.

Subtle Impressions bloomed from the idea of natural beauty.  Following the design strategy of nature, using safe ingredients, and eliminating the concept of waste, creates organic spaces. The collection boasts a hand-crafted, artisan look and feel, and is Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified; manufactured in a Carbon Neutral facility; and is 100% recyclable. 

For additional information about this collection, check out the product specifications. 
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