The perfect mix of concrete and wood visuals, Inset.

Inset is an 18" x 36" embossed in register resilient plank. Inspired by parquet flooring designs, this resilient features many facet shapes throughout the visual, with bronze, silver or gold metallic accents.

Inset provides eight wood visuals and four concrete that provides a superb mix of concrete and wood for your space. Expanding on the success of Splitwood and Metal Collective, which each boast a unique, bronze, silver or gold accent, Inset is also an embossed in register resilient plank with metallic accent. Each color Inset features metallic ink which will appear in every full size plank. 

Our designer, Kelly Williams, was very intentional about the pattern of Inset and how much metallic should be incorporated into the visual overall. She developed multiple digital layouts to review the angles and widths of the facets before finalizing the visual. Mimicking the current trend of spaces that combine both wood and concrete visuals Kelly designed this collection to feature eight wood visuals and four concrete visuals allowing the styles to mix together, or be used separately. 

PAT_Inset_00530_GlobalHand_00355-(1).jpgKelly says, "I was inspired by the mixing of materials such as wood, concrete, and metal accents, and wanted to create a collection that would allow designers that kind of flexibility." 

Similar to Splitwood and Metal Collective, Inset has a 20 mil wear layer and an ExoGuard top coat making it suitable for a variety of spaces. And it’s 5 mm thickness allows it to be installed next to carpet with no transition. 

Inset can be used alone, or with other product offerings to create dynamic installations, or subtle, space-defining layouts depending on the need of the environment. Check out our In Set Pinterest board to see more our designer's inspiration for this collection. 

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