InTouch was inspired by the literal act of working with clay and exploring the textures and patterns that form when using various tools. Our designer, Ashley Weaver, began with using a pointed end of a clay tool to press repeatedly into the clay. From there, a handle of a paintbrush, comb, and beads were experimented with to stipple the clay. It was this curiosity that led our designer to create a texture akin to those in ceramics and pottery and correlate to a carpet tile collection.

DSC_0957-(2).jpg"As a hands on designer, the inspiration for InTouch arose from my work with clay, and using different materials to create impressions within the clay. Using various tools, I noticed how different patterns and textures were created, and wanted to replicate that within a soft surface flooring collection," says designer, Ashley Weaver. Once a variety of textures had been created, a large format scanner was used to capture a detailed scan which retained the texture that had been created in the clay. 

The selection of yarns contrast in color to help emphasize the depth of the clay impressions. Because of the bold patterns,  a natural colorline - reminiscent of clay - including four warms, five cools, a mossy green and two “bluetrals” is used to keep in line with the clay inspiration, and to work well with all patterns of the 12” x 48” carpet tiles.

There are four styles within this collection. Each style was inspired by impressions on clay and how different materials create different textures. 

InTouch.pngCarve was inspired by pulling tools through clay and creating distressed lines and a “crackle” effect. 

Irregular incorporates different textures that were patchworked together to create a lot of variation and movement through each tile.   

Macro-score is an interpretation of using a comb to stab and pull through the clay.  Throughout the pattern, some tiles have more of a vertical emphasis and others with a horizontal. 

Textural Mark is the most subtle of all patterns, and incorporates more positive and negative light within the pattern. 

DSC_0789.jpgEach pattern within InTouch is a direct inspiration from the visuals our designer created when working with the clay. The end result is a collection of tiles that can be used together or separately to define space.

The EcoSolution Q Nylon allows it to be easily maintained with routine vacuuming and hot water extracted for tough spills or stains. This collection is also an EcoWorx carpet tile, which can be recycled at the end of its useful life and made into more EcoWorx flooring.

InTouch is a beautiful soft surface collection that can transform any space.

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