2020 Associate Recognition



We have a vast team that is innovative and full of curiosity. Several of these associates were recognized based on how they are using their curious observations to build our business.

The Impact Award / Bob Chandler

As an acknowledgement to the Chandler family who helped to lay such a strong foundation for Patcraft, in 2020 we established the Impact Award. This award is a way to recognize outstanding achievement, customer service, and cultural acceptance which has been modeled to so many over the years, specifically by Bob Chandler. Bob's leadership and foundation is a testament to the great culture he and his father, I.V. Chandler, set for Patcraft. We are pleased to announce our first recipient of the Impact Award as Mr. Bob Chandler. In his honor, a donation in the amount of $1,000 has been made to the Family Support Council. Thank you, Bob, for the tremendous Impact you have had on our team.

View Bob's personal story about his 75 years of service with Patcraft.

The Curious Observer makes up who we are. We are all seeking, learning and observing. Even when we don't realize it. 

These individuals are leading the way in how they transform and grow business.


jerod-(2).pngThe Connector / Jerod Nelis

Connecting the dots. Building connections. Building culture. The Connector is a RVP who continues to strengthen the culture of Patcraft by leading his team through connection. He actively connects his account managers to the brand. He connects them to resources. He connects them to mentors. He connects them to peers at similar levels. Helping to build the confidence of his teams and their connection to Patcraft. 

The Inspirer / Tony Mannella 

Leading, coaching, mentoring, inspiring. The Inspirer is a RVP driving his team toward success, leading to regional growth. Tony has by far had the most growth over the last three years in shipments, and was up from 2017 - 2019. 


The Thinker / Ryan Morton 

The Thinker is always one step ahead. Planning and executing each day methodically and deliberately. Even when things don't go exactly as planned, the Thinker is quick to adapt and respond in a way that keeps his customer as their focus. The Thinker excels because of patience, persistence and perseverance. Even in a pandemic this Ryan is up year to date and continuously has a positive attitude.​


The Seeker / Craig Polleys

The Seeker is focused on finding business - using all of his available resources to build his list of contacts, which is a huge benefit for creating new opportunities for the future.  In 2020 alone in a time where we are all having to rethink how we do business, our Seeker, Craig Polleys, has entered a great amount of projects that have continued to grow our business.

The Navigator / Brooke Sheehe

Unprecedented times call for new ways to innovate - the Navigator has tested the waters and been fast to adapt and navigate the new normal – making the best of VIRTUALLY everything ... quickly becoming the Best Virtual Team Player. We are so impressed with Brooke and her ability to pivot and also to embrace the many tools and opportunities to connect with her customers. Brooke Sheehe is a great example of a Navigator being one of the first to jump right in and take things on virtually to maintain and even grow her business. All while living through a pandemic and welcoming a new baby girl just a couple of months ago.


The Creator / Rob Shank

While this year has had added challenges, the Creator is able to continually grow business and has had created amazing growth for himself in the market. With an impressive amount of projects, and growth in orders, Rob Shank has created quite the splash on our DC team. Not only has he found a way to grow business, he has quickly emerged as a leader on his team and is always willing to help his teammates, and others, when needed.

The Maker / Nathan Nerinathan.png

Creating quotes is an important leading indicator – it shows engagement, knowledge and connectivity to the market. The Maker is literally making things happen in his market, creating quotes and driving business. And even only having been in his market for less than two years, Nathan has had great growth. The Maker, Nathan Neri, is making big things happen in the DC area.


The Sensor / Megghan Hoyt 

The Sensor uses all senses to connect with customers. The Sensor is a visionary. She sees an opportunity and finds a way to turn it into business growth. The Sensor is a listener. She listens to the market, understands the needs and provides solutions to fit the needs. The Sensor is empathetic. She meets the customer where they are and connects personally with them - becoming a trusted and valued partner. And even changing markets and moving into a pandemic, the Sensor, Megghan Hoyt, has seen growth this year in Raleigh.


The Inquirer / Ivy Linigerivy.png

The ultimate in curiosity, the Inquirer asks questions, gathers insights and translates their customers' needs to become a business partner by providing solutions. And in this case of the Inquirer, it is not only customers’ needs that are understood and addressed, but our account manager’s needs as well. Ivy Lininger is an Inquirer who we have heard countless examples of finding a way to get in front of customers and continue to win business.


tom.pngThe Alchemator / Tom Conway

Thorough understanding of his market and translating those market needs into a strategic action plan, the Alchemator gets the process and creates innovative ways to drive business. We have enjoyed watching the creative videos Tom has produced as he has worked to introduce himself to a client base that he did not get the chance to meet with in person before moving during the pandemic. Tom Conway is the epitome of the Alchemator creating unique and personal ways to connect with his customers in a new way, and in a brand new territory.