Deconstructed Felt




Sometimes everything needs to come apart to make it all come together. What's underneath. What's inside. What happens when you let the unfinished have the final say?

We sketch with carpet. Ideas manifest themselves in so many forms. With Deconstructed Felt, we began with these carpet sketches. Rough and unfinished, we weave, unravel, explore and expose the imperfect beauty we uncovered in this collection. 

As our third collection within the award winning Deconstructed platform, Deconstructed Felt aims to uncover the inner workings of soft surface flooring by exposing the primary backing. Our 2019 Best of Neocon Gold award winner in modular flooring, Deconstructed Felt pushes the boundaries of traditional flooring through the study of transparency.

While Deconstructed Black exposed a black primary backing and Deconstructed Metal exposed a metallic primary backing, Deconstructed Felt exposes a felted backing to create a slub-like texture. 

Inspired by the idea of stitching, our design team aimed to embrace the handmade and organic feel of the flooring, while focusing on the patterns and rich colors within the collection.

Top Stitch features an all over color with natural striations and slubs. It’s visual is reminiscent of stitching, but boasts a more all over pattern. Something not previously offered in a Deconstructed collection is featuring two colors within a tile, which was done for Binary. This two color style allows the color to be pulled in an organic way and pairs perfectly with Top Stitch.  

Deconstructed_Felt_Modern-Serge_Rug.jpgWhen working on this collection, our design team ran sketches on the tufting machine to see how the contrast of color and yarns would work together as well as to test the pattern. It resulted in an interesting visual that created the third style in this collection, Modern Serge.

Modern Serge is available in four colors, and boasts a unique pattern ideal for a rug, or to make a strong impact within a space. 

Deconstructed Felt offers versatility in both materiality and function, with a flooring design that transforms space through visual and textural contrast. These three 12" x 48" modular styles provide an embroidered textile visual, creating a hand-crafted, artisan look and feel for your next project. 

As with any Solution Q Extreme product, standard cleaning and maintenance will ensure the product performs for an extended period.

Deconstructed Felt is Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified; manufactured in a Carbon Neutral facility; and is 100% recyclable. A total of 7.617% of the product is made with PET Primary Layer, which is made of 60% post consumer content.

For additional information about this collection, check out the product specifications. 
Topstitch | Binary | Modern Serge