Local Reserve



Local Reserve is the “Total Equation” when it comes to resilient flooring. 

Offered in 7” x 48” planks, the collection features 18 colors ranging from traditional wood grain visuals to modern, linear grain visuals. 

Made at our Plant RP in Ringgold, GA, it is our first SPC (solid polymer composite) product with a tongue and groove. The tongue and groove style provides a faster installation as it requires no acclimation time. The tongue and groove also has no ledging and it has a water tight seal which performs against top down moisture. To highlight the water tight seal, this short video was made to show how no moisture penetrates through the seams.

Local Reserve’s rigid core construction can withstand extreme indentation of up to 2,500 psi. With no attached pad, the SPC construction also boasts superior floor to floor acoustics performance compared to standard LVT.

It additionally boasts an ExoGuard+ top coat giving it superior resistance against scratches and stain and is easily maintained with daily sweeping and the use of a pH neutral cleaner. The images below show a variety of staining agents including, from top to bottom, ketchup, mustard, syrup, bleach (5.25%), hand sanitizer (70%), coffee, red wine, Kool Aid, Sharpie and bubble gum. Immediate cleaning and cleaning after 24 hours both produced no residue staining. 


The performance attributes of this product - combined with being Made in the USA - make this an ideal product for any end-use space, including healthcare.

With desirable acoustical benefits, resistance to scratches and stains, ease in installation, watertight tongue and groove, and incredible resistance to indentation, Local Reserve provides a high performing resilient solution unlike many others. 

Learn more about Local Reserve on our product page.

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