Our Product Development Process



At Patcraft, our observations and experiences shape how we see design, and the heart of a product comes from exploration and perspective. We seek opportunities to engage with the design community, speaking with peers within our industry and collaborating with innovators outside of our industry. Listening to the market is integral to our process, and we view these conversations as a path to spark innovation. This collaborative process guides us as we gather insights about the internal and external forces that shape our creative vision. It is important to be a thought-partner, and gaining market insights is where we differentiate ourselves.  

Our collections are designed with these intentions in mind, as we discuss how to bring a product to life based on inspiration from our customers, our own experiences, and the influences of the world around us. We design with a focus on the human experience, considering the impact of our physical space and its role in creating connections, sparking collaboration, evoking a sense of comfort, or enhancing wellbeing.  

MarkMaking_inspo_2.jpgOur product development process is one of creative and curious observation, and this is the lens through which we view everything. We explore what we see and hear in a cycle of observing, listening, questioning and creating:  paying attention to what surrounds us. It’s an approach to design that leads us to develop product solutions and innovations that are a balance of what the customer is looking for and where Patcraft’s strengths are. As we develop a new collection, we think about customer needs and current trends, consumer drivers and market influences. We connect with what we’ve learned through our experiences and conversations.
Opportunities to engage in thoughtful discussion to uncover what is at the root of design—exploring spatial demands, market insights, and product needs— are increasingly important within the commercial design industry. Our collections are driven by this process, and while each collection has a different inspiration, either inspired by an artistic process or a market-driven need, at the core, they are inspired by a connection to our customers and our focus on a collaborative design process.

Our team has taken this to heart recently by discussing daily, what is changing?  What are the needs of the market now and what might they be in the future? As a result, we’ve reprioritized our product line, shifting collection launches to stay nimble in our offerings. This ability aligns with who we are, listening and collaborating to be in tune with market needs. During this time one of the most important needs that has risen to the top is the idea of connectivity, and we are taking the time to connect with others, finding new and different ways to engage and interact. 

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