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Transforming the safety of our spaces

At Patcraft, we are curious observers inspired by listening to the market and collaborating with our partners to create solutions to help our customers transform the space and experience of all of those using the environments we create together.

Together as we navigate a new way of engaging, we look not only to identify solutions and opportunities to change how we work now, but at Patcraft we continue to focus on how we strive to be better in the future.

Enhanced Cleaning

Enhanced Cleaning

Routine and proper maintenance is the foundation for a clean and safe floor. The CDC maintains a list of registered products that can be used for enhanced cleaning procedures. While these products have been approved by the EPA, many products on the list may not be suitable to preserve the long term appearance or performance of your flooring products. Here are some terms that will help you better understand the best process. 

Sanitize: Kills some bacteria and viruses 
Disinfect: Kills most bacteria and viruses 
Sterilize: Kills or inactivates all bacteria and viruses

Download our Enhanced Cleaning guidelines for carpet and resilient surfaces.



Products pictured here often contain antimicrobials that may have no benefit other than protecting the product. We are not aware of any known antimicrobial technologies for flooring that will combat or inhibit COVID-19.

Patcraft continues to evaluate new technologies and emerging chemistries to evaluate their efficacy and potential human impacts. Unsubstantiated claims around Antimicrobials are being made in the market that have no evidence of effectively eliminating COVID-19. This may negatively influence the cleaning and maintenance which could lead to increased contamination of your flooring.

Our products do not contain added antimicrobial ingredients intended for health-based performance outcomes. A focus on flooring product cleaning and maintenance is currently a more effective approach.

Reference: SixClasses.org - Antimicrobials

ProKure V

ProKure V

We know that keeping businesses, schools, offices etc safe is top of mind. That's why we've partnered with ProKure to provide a safe, hospital-type disinfection solution to transform the safety of your spaces.

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What is a quaternary ammonium compound?

What is a quaternary ammonium compound?

A quaternary ammonium or a “quat” is a compound that is often found in disinfectant sprays, wipes and many different types of household and commercial cleaners.  Patcraft doesn’t recommend the use of Quats on your flooring because:

  • Yellowing - quats will leave a residue on the surface of the floor.  Repeated application of a quat on your flooring surface results is a buildup of the quat on the surface of your flooring.  The quat then causes discoloration or yellowing of the floor that doesn’t clean easily. 
  • Soiling - because most quats have a positive cationic charge.  When applied to the floor and left on the surface it will become sticky or tacky and accelerate soiling leading to the need for more frequent cleaning and more rapid buildup.
Soft Surface vs Hard Surface

Soft Surface vs Hard Surface

Patcraft’s products are designed for cleanability. The CDC has determined that the coronavirus does not spread easily through surfaces but we know that now there’s even a greater desire to ensure surfaces can be easily cleaned. That’s always been and will continue to be a key component of our product development and manufacturing processes.

When it’s time to clean, we offer comprehensive cleaning solutions and instructions by product type to meet your everyday cleaning and deep cleaning needs.

Photo Credit: Design by Thiel & Thiel Photographer: Stephen Selzler

Carpet Maintenance Checklist

Resilient Maintenance Checklist

In the coming months, at Patcraft we will continue to listen to the market, engage in conversations with experts and you, our customers.

Together we will learn, innovative and adapt to ensure the safety of our spaces.