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Understanding moisture concerns of a subfloor early on can save ample time and resources. From adhesives to rolled barriers, to padded backings and sealers, Patcraft offers a variety of solutions to prevent, survive or solve moisture.



When concrete is poured, it takes weeks—even months—to fully dry. During its drying process, moisture is released from the concrete as it hardens. With tight construction deadlines, this process is often not given the time it needs, and flooring is installed on top of concrete that still has dissipating moisture. Additionally, porous concrete—if not identified and addressed before flooring installation—will have underground moisture travel through it as it tries to escape to the air above. Underground moisture will not travel through from the ground if a proper moisture barrier was installed.

Confirming that concrete is dry and acceptable for flooring installation can be confirmed through a calcium chloride test (ASTM F1869), relative humidity test(ASTM F2170), or pH test. The calcium chloride test provides the rate of vapor that escapes the slab, while the RH test measures the quantity of moisture within the slab. pH testing measures alkaline salts brought to the surface by moisture. All adhesives require one or more of these tests to ensure there is not an excess of moisture that will break down the adhesive over time.



Any moisture that evaporates through concrete and becomes trapped beneath a flooring product can cause the adhesive to emulsify and release, causing cupping, seams separating, wheel ruts in LVT, discoloration in the floor, or mold and mildew below the flooring. All of this can lead to an installation failing and needing to be completely removed and addressed, costing time and money.

If moisture is present in a slab, there are several options to solve or survive the problem. One way to survive it is using Patcraft's EcoLogix® carpet tile which is comprised of a fiber matrix that leaves pathways for vapor to move and escape out through the seams so it does not become entrapped below the tile. To the left are images showing PVC cushion, EcoLogix® and Urethane backings that were installed over wet glue and left for 60 days. The images are of the bottom of the tile which show how long the glue took to dry. EcoLogix's fiber matrix backing wicks moisture to the seams better than PVC or Urethane. The lighter tiles indicate moisture, while the darker the tile becomes means the moisture has escaped and the glue has hardened.



Understanding the moisture story of a slab and having the proper testing completed can help determine the best route for handling moisture.

Prevent the problem through the use of a vapor barrier on top of the concrete (before the flooring is installed).


KOVARA 95 and KOVARA MBX are dimensionally-stable, four-ply composite products, engineered as a rolled moisture barrier system for all grades of concrete and protect against moisture from 95% RH for KOVARA 95, and 99.5% RH for KOVARA MBX.

Survive the problem through the use of loose-lay or click vinyl planks; moisture tolerant adhesives; or breathable carpet backings.


LokDots™ is ideal for installing EcoWorx carpet tile in high moisture environments. As long as there are no visible signs of moisture present, no moisture testing is needed to install LokDots. The moisture will still be present, however, LokDots will adhere. It can also be installed over any substrate, including concrete, VCT, VAT, cutback, wood and more.



Encompassing all the sustainability and performance attributes of EcoLogix®, EcoLogix® ES provides the same great qualities of EcoLogix®, but with a mill applied hot melt adhesive offering odor free and easy installation. EcoLogix® ES is ideal for high moisture installations and requires no moisture testing as long as no visible moisture is present. The fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic layer laminated with fiber matrix secondary backing allows moisture to escape through the seams of the tile. The moisture will still be present, however, EcoLogix ES will adhere.

SHAW 4151

SHAW 4151

Install broadloom, modular or resilient flooring with one solution. Shaw 4151 tolerates moisture up to 99% RH and can be used with any flooring except for patterned broadloom. It can also be installed when dry and clear for a releasable adhesion, or wet for a permanent adhesion.

Solve the problem by using sealers on top of concrete before flooring is installed.


MoistureTek is a moisture vapor barrier that eliminates moisture issues up to 25 lbs, 100% RH, and 14 pH. No moisture testing is required, and it allows for the installation of any flooring product 24 hours after the pour.