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Maximize Performance with Smart Maintenance

Our maintenance and cleaning guidelines will help maximize your floor's performance – keeping it beautiful from the first step to the millionth. A good carpet maintenance plan will include some basic steps for regular preventive maintenance and for regular cleaning.

Foot in the Door II
Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

  • Reducing tracked in soil by keeping exterior areas of the building clean, and keeping sidewalks and entryways dirt and debris-free.

  • Using coarsely textured, water absorbent tiles to help trap dirt and moisture in entrances, elevators, corridors, break areas, stairways, and in transition areas where the carpet meets a hard surface.

Carpet Maintenance Checklist
Scheduled Cleaning & Maintenance

Scheduled Cleaning & Maintenance

Following a few simple steps for Scheduled Cleaning and Maintenance will help your floor maintain its maximum appearance.

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Removing Spots or Spills.

Removing Spots or Spills.

Removing spots and spills in an appropriate and timely manner greatly extend the life of your flooring by ensuring beautiful visual appeal long after installation.

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Our World Matters.

Our World Matters.

We're committed to providing you with high performance flooring solutions that give you the durability you need – without sacrificing style or aesthetics. And we stand by our commitment. All Patcraft products come with full commercial warranties to give you peace of mind.

Eco Solution Q® Solution Dyed Nylon Warranty
Eco Solution Q® Nylon Warranty
Solution Q Extreme® Warranty
Solution Dyed PET Warranty
Solution Q Solution Dyed Nylon Warranty
Solution Dyed Polyester Warranty
Nylon Warranty
EcoLogix® Tile Warranty
EcoLogix® ES Tile Warranty
EcoWorx® Tile Warranty
EcoWorx® Performance Broadloom Warranty
Ultraloc® MP Warranty
Ultraloc® Pattern Warranty
Shaw Adhesive 3400
Shaw Adhesive 3500
Shaw Adhesive 5100
Adhesive 6300 Advantage System
Spray Adhesive Infosheet S150
Shaw Adhesive S150