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Create In Place

Behind the Collection

Create In Place

Shape + Color

Inspired by original artwork, Create In Place explores shape and color in the abstract.

Artistic Techniques

Using a variety of artistic techniques like hand-painted watercolor and block printing, the collection is a curated series of textural visuals and an interplay of positive and negative space.

Define Space

With styles connected through color, this LVT collection is designed to use alone or coordinate together throughout a space — to define areas or guide transition and movement.

In The Abstract

Inspired to create a concrete and terrazzo-inspired visual with an artistic approach, product designer Amanda Hopkins dabbed watercolor paint in various brush strokes, sizes and shapes to create the styles for the collection.

Individual + Connected Spaces

The styles can be integrated within a space to promote way finding, define individual or connected spaces for social distancing, gathering, as well as suggest directionality. This collection can be used to transform a multitude of segments. The three abstract styles can be used together or separately to create unique and inspiring spaces.

Idea Book / Issue 9

Finding balance in aesthetic, experience and mindset, we study the relationship between two contrasting points or ideas — minimalism and maximalism; digital and physical; positive and negative space. Explore the geometry of space in Idea Book, Issue 9.  

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Shape + Color

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