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Textile Technique

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Textile Technique

Carbon Neutral

New EcoSolution Q100TM yarn + EcoWorx® backing = lower, overall embodied carbon footprint.

Our EcoSolution Q100TM yarn accounts for a lower, overall embodied carbon of the product, which yields a low EC3 score, and is carbon neutral.

Color and texture.

Inspired by the artistry of macrame and woven fabric design, Textile Techinque is a two style, 12” x 48” carpet tile collection that incorporates a nubby, textural pattern ideal for creating comforting spaces.

Dynamic design.

With 12 colorways influenced by modern color pairings, the soft surface styles blend shades of rose, lemon and emerald with soft, tonal neutrals to create subtle movement across the floor. 

Designed for comfort and connection.

“Visual and tactile texture is key to creating a space that feels soothing and welcoming.  We used a high-contrast yarn to impart this rich texture within the design, blending color palettes to evoke a sense of settling in.”

— Ron Powell, Senior Product Designer

Transform space.

Featuring both a large and small scale pattern, the textural designs are infused with color to create experiential spaces within the built environment.

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Idea Book / Issue 7

Color can set a tone. Create a mood. Evoke a feeling. It is elemental. Material. Dimensional. We use color to reset the state of things – and our state of mind. But color can also transform. Exploring the duality of tonal contrast – the path of color through texture and form – we can uncover inspiration in the unexpected. Curiosity in the found. Comfort in the collected. Let’s study color in its many dimensions – the bold, the emotive. The color-filled connections that draw us in. Explore in Idea Book, Issue 7.  

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