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Behind the Collection


Inspired by curious observation.

Inspired by the exploration of natural phenomena within nature, Artefact highlights the allure of imperfection in a four-style collection of both subtle and large scale patterns. 

Natural influences.

Through a six-week oxidation experiment exposing various fabrics to metal, rust and water, vibrant colors and designs emerged to create a flooring collection aimed at bringing off-kilter nature into the built environment.

Finding beauty in the imperfect.

The design team chose an array of cotton, linen, silk and wool fabrics to expose to discarded metal objects outdoors — including building materials, chains and metal sheeting. Using a resist-dyeing technique, they created a variety of patterns and organic colors that varied in depth, tint and saturation across the base materials.

Connecting inspiration and method.

“Often seen as a consequence of age and exposure to elements, the rusted tones created rough yet resilient motifs, watermarked colorations and diverse shapes. The final patterns surfaced through artful imperfection, blurring the lines between process and design.”

— Shannon Cochran, Vice President of Creative + Design

Idea Book / Issue 1

Inspiration changes us at our core. Where we rest our eyes and begin to feel is exactly where we find ourselves transformed. Visual and visceral, expansive and mind-widening, macro and down deep. Explore inspiration in Idea Book, Issue 1.

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