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Colour Interference

Behind the Collection

Colour Interference

Inspired by curious observation.

As curious observers, the product development team is constantly listening to the market and remaining keenly aware of surroundings. When Patcraft product technician Corey Twilley was supervising the run of another product line, he noticed a unique shift in the transitions between pieces.

Designed to transform space.

Corey brought a sample to Patcraft product designer Ron Powell, noting the nubby texture and the way the color was coming through in the transition.

Layers of color

As the knots gave way to rich color, this visual became the inspiration for Colour Interference.

Three styles and 20 colorways

Senior Product Designer Ron Powell said, “It was a fun, hands-on experiment to replicate the unintentional design of a manufacturing product shift, turning it into a vibrant, and well-coordinated collection of carpet tile.” 

— Ron Powell, Senior Product Designer

Inspiration & Specs

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Colour Interference by Patcraft

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