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Material Edit

An Artful Journey

Patcraft product designers Erin Helm and Amanda Hopkins started out on separate creative tracks. As they were working on different projects-- Erin on a resilient and Amanda on a carpet tile collection—the designers connected to share their design processes. They began to collaborate, realizing that these two initially separate projects had many shared commonalities. Erin and Amanda joined forces, deciding to develop the collection in tandem, working together on color, size, shape and layout.

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Behind The Collection

Material Edit

Design through rediscovery

Exploring the synergies between process and product design, Material Edit is a collection of soft and hard surfaces inspired by connection and shared artistic experience. Designed throughout an artful journey that shaped the patterns, colors and combination of multiple platforms, the collection blends the need for flexibility with the desire for visual interest as we create the adaptive, multi-faceted spaces of today.   

Create Inspiring Spaces

Within the collection, Material Edit hard surface is available in three styles in 9” x 36” planks and five colors, and the five 18” x 36” styles of Material Edit soft surface are available in eight colorways.  The collection is designed to create inspiring spaces that reflect experience.  

A Balance Between Old and New

“Throughout the process, I was designing to strike a balance between old and new concepts – exploring this idea of repurposing the familiar. I revisited techniques from my past, while also learning new ways to create.” -– Erin Helm / Product Designer, Patcraft  

Material Edit Soft Surface

With unique visuals across multiple product platforms, Material Edit soft surface offers a multi-priced solution with a tiered approach. The variation in styles allows for design flexibility, connecting modern aesthetics with ease of use and product coordination.  Constructed with EcoSolution Q100TM nylon and EcoWorx® backing, Material Edit soft surface is carbon neutral with a low embodied carbon footprint. This collection is In The Loop – meaning it can be recycled in its entirety at the end of its useful life through our re[TURN]TM reclamation program – to be turned into the material ingredients to make other EcoWorx products.

Material Edit Hard Surface

Designed for flexibility throughout a space, Material Edit hard surface features three distinct visuals in five color families that work separately or together for unique textural designs and easy-to-create pattern play. 

Material Edit hard surface features a 20 mil wear layer for superior durability and an ExoGuard® finish provides enhanced scratch and stain resistance. In 9” x 36” planks with a 5mm construction, it offers a seamless transition to carpet. 

lost art

Curious Observer

find your lost art.

Curious observation is an art form. Seeking connections to inspire creative design. Curious observers create curious makers who design through rediscovery and personal connection. It is a reinvention, a re-imagination, a reconnection with creative techniques to uncover the design intention for today.
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The visionary

With a mind for the future, but an eye on the past, the Visionary creates through exploration and reflection. Expanding on what is known, to uncover what might be. Imagined by visionary design.

The Collector

Inspired by unexpected ties between items lost and found, the Collector blends the past with the present. Sharing the stories of synergy and sequence, exploring to merge function and form.
Connected by collector design.

The Maker

The Maker explores a hands-on expression of talent and imagination, deconstructing and reconstructing elements and ideas. What was once apart is now whole, what was once old is now new. Created by maker design.

The Inventor

The Inventor imagines curious possibilities, discovering and rediscovering intention and purpose. Inspired by creative history, but connected to modern experience. Uncovered by inventor design.

The Creator

The creator is on a journey to fabricate, originate, innovate. Inspired by the pursuit of artful invention, the creator imagines blue-sky solutions, made by creator design.

The Crafter

Exploring artful techniques and creative endeavors, the crafter guides with inventive design. Sharing sketches or models for method and form, inspiring others in artistic pursuit. Taught by crafter design.

The Builder

Constructed, assembled and formed by design, the builder pieces it all together. Precision, structure and hands-on creations, envisioned by builder design.

The Artisan

Approaching method with patience and skill, the Artisan creates with expertise. A connoisseur of artistic ideas -whether technique, craft or trade - refined by artisan design.

Digital Architect Folders

Explore the Material Edit Digital Architect Folders to view the colorline, room scenes, specifications, accessories and more.

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