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Behind the Collection


An innovative platform.

Durability of a hard surface. Warmth of a soft surface. Constructed from recycled PET bottles. Dichroic is an innovative product featuring a multilayer, non-woven composite produced from plastic waste to create its felt-like construction.

Its real superpower lies within.

A hybrid of both a soft and hard surface, Dichroic is considered a non-woven composite flooring solution with approximately 70% recycled content per 24” x 24” modular carpet tile, which is equivalent to 18 half liter bottles.

Non-woven composite flooring.

A representation of our commitment to consider the environment in our design process, Dichroic incorporates a subtle gradient shift from tile to tile, allowing for unique installation options while also being Cradle to Cradle™ Certified Bronze.

Designed to transform space.

Not only are both the desirable clear PET and the often undesirable color PET kept out of the landfills and made into a flooring product, but Dichroic is also manufactured in a carbon neutral facility. Dichroic is available in 14 colorways in both a 24” x 24” square modular tile and a facet - or rhombus - tile, allowing for unique and dynamic installation designs.