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Resilient Reimagined.  Remade to Matter.

Behind the Collection


A Performance Solution

ReMaterial utilizes a distinct manufacturing process for durable product performance, and an ExoGuard+® topcoat provides enhanced resistance to scratches and stains.  A performance-driven solution, ReMaterial is constructed for high-demand, high-traffic areas and is backed by an industry-leading 25-year warranty to ensure long-lasting quality and appearance retention. 

A Sustainable Solution

ReMaterial is a PVC-free, fully recyclable resilient that is completely circular by design.  Defined by its materiality and measured by its performance, ReMaterial is a holistic flooring solution born out of a 25-year legacy—a commitment to circular design—that began with the creation of EcoWorx® carpet tile. 

A Design Solution

ReMaterial Wood + Weald offers essential wood visuals.  The collection serves as a foundation for timeless design, laying the groundwork for future ReMaterial product categories including stone, linen and abstracts.  It is available in 2.5mm, a 5.7 mm click and a wide plank format and offered in a range of colors in classic, modern and rustic styles 

Sustainable Design

Looking to green chemistry to create a circular resilient product, ReMaterial is made of polyolefin materials including up to 25% post-consumer recycled plastic derived from products like yogurt cups and laundry detergent containers.  It is PVC- Free and In the Loop meaning the products can be fully recycled through Patcraft’s re[TURN]® reclamation program, at the end of a long life span, to be turned into the material ingredients to make other EcoWorx products.   

This circular process creates an ingredient stream that reduces raw material extraction from the earth and lowers the embodied carbon footprint of future products to continue the cycle of creating new products out of old.  ReMaterial is a carbon neutral collection with low embodied carbon.    

Performance + Construction

ReMaterial features a multi-layer core that can withstand extreme indentation up to 2,500 psi and it is constructed to provide optimal dimensional stability.  

25 years of material performance.  Reinvented.  When we design with materiality in mind, the possibilities are endless. What’s next? 


Wanting some ideas to help get started? Choose from our curated premixed trays — or update them with your personal touches — for meticulous design at your fingertips. Once you've selected your swatches, easily order samples for next day delivery. 

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